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Whoo, classics!

Er, so it looks like I've pretty much abandoned this journal and moved to GJ, which seems to be dying right now anyway :/ Whoops.

IN OTHER NEWS -- it seems like I finally got my first final mark for this term now, although it's still technically unofficial at this point. Sorry, spusan, but your guess that my final mark for CLST 330 (Classical Greek Culture and Society) would but 99.9% was off -- I got 98% on the midterm exam, 99% on the final if I calculate it backwards, BUT a mere 90% on the essay, which brought my final mark down to 96% D: D: D:

Oh well, I can't complain -- I'm still hoping I'll scrap by with an A (ie. 80%) in PSYC 355 (Comparative Cognition), which I also HAD NO STUDENT CARD FOR AND HAD TO PAY A $25 FINE FOR AUGH. I can think of many things I'd rather spend that much money on.

Look, a rare photograph of myself!

So, on a whim, I was browsing the website for the National Ballet of Canada's annual production of the Nutcracker. The backstory to this is that when I was nine, I was in Junior Division (now 'Junior Associates', I believe) program at the National Ballet School, which is affiliated with the National Ballet. It's an afterschool program, though you still have to audition to get it.

Anyway, when I was nine, that was the first year they were doing a NEW production of the Nutcracker, and this time, they were going to allow Junior Division students to audition -- basically, the choreographer/main guy, Junior Division Director, etc. would go around to the classes, have the students skip gaily across the room (really), and somehow pick students that way. Er, I REALLY wanted to do it, so I probably tried too hard during my audition, but regardless, I got the better of the two role options for younger students (a lamb rather than a baby mouse) AND I got assigned the most number of shows out of all of the Junior Division girls, including the opening night (they mix the cast up, but I was technically in the primary of the two) and the Christmas Eve matinee. Blah blah blah, it was a lot of fun and I got to skip the crappy Christmas recital at school to be in the show, blah blah blah.

Going back to the website, I was checking it out and THERE IS A PHOTOGRAPH OF MY NINE-YEAR-OLD SELF IN-COSTUME ON IT. It is NOT the most flattering of photographs and I will have to post better ones when I have access to them, but, yeah, seriously, WTF? That photograph must be TWELVE years old now. I am the squinting girl on the far left. I recall the lights being very bright.


That is all.

Why am I not majoring in classics?

Only in a classics course would one spend a considerable amount of class time looking at a slides of a famous historical battle depicted on a vase as a naked man holding his genitals in one hand and about to sodomize someone who's already bent over and yet still oddly fully clothed.

I love ancient Greece. Even when their taste in kitchenware is all kinds of fucked up, to be quite honest.
Well, I got two more of my midterm exam marks today, and they make a nice addition to the 98% I got back in CLST 330 (Classical Greek Culture and Society) last week -- 100% in CLST 101 (Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization), but since it's an 100-level multiple choice, I wouldn't have expected anything less (but I didn't get that one question wrong after all, hurrah!).

The other one is for PSYC 342 (Psychology of Social Influence) -- I JUST got an e-mail from Dr Fabrigar congratulating me on getting 96%. But then I had to get sad and neurotic over the fact that it's only one of the top SIX marks and not the top one :(

That only leaves PSYC 355 (Comparative Cognition), and you all know my thoughts on that course is that I want to drop it -- I like the lectures, but I haven't felt that bad about writing an exam since chemistry, and that's bad. Not to mention I have no idea what to do for this huge paper assignment.

For the first three though, this is SO BAD from an operant conditioning point of view -- I study for exams at the last minute and night before ALL THE TIME, and I keep getting rewarded for it with good marks, so I'm never going to learn how to change my behaviour :(

Okay, I want a pita now.

A few words on mid-terms and today.

GOOD NEWS -- I got 98% on my CLST 330 (Classical Greek Culture and Society) mid-term exam. Hurrah! All downhill from there though. And I am sorry to disappoint you about the lack of a 99.9% there, spusan.

BAD NEWS -- I have never done as badly on an exam as I just did coming out of PSYC 355 (Comparative Cognition). Never have I WTFed at so many questions, save for the chemistry exam back in first-year where I nearly failed and subsequently would have failed the entire course if I had.

GOOD NEWS -- When I came home from my last exam, the Threadless hoodie I had ordered for my birthday last week when the $25 Hoodie Sale was coincidentally on at the same time came in the mail!

BAD NEWS -- We watched a good (minus the cheesy bits around it, like the 1970's/1980's music) video on the Zimbardo Prison Experiment in PSYC 342 (Psychology of Social Influence) today. That's good. The bad comes in that I couldn't pay much attention to it because I was trying to study for the PSYC 355 (Comparative Cognition) exam at the same time D: D: D:

Longer mid-term run-down to come later, probably in a Friends-locked post because I am paranoid like that. Will probably repeat some of the stuff already mentioned here.


So all day (and Friday, come to think of it), I've been hearing drunken shouting outside of my apartment -- it's Homecoming Weekend, which means that practically every student in town is going to be smashed all weekend, especially tonight. About ten minutes ago though, I heard these booming noises that sounded suspiciously like fireworks -- not the cheap and dangerous 'you'll probably lose a hand or testicle that way' sort that make the whistling noise and then the cheap POP! sounds, but like REAL fireworks.

So I looked outside my bedroom window, and lo and behold, there were REAL fireworks! I couldn't get a good view from where I was, as my room faces west, so I went out to the main area of the apartment so I could watch from the balcony, which faces south towards the lake where the fireworks were taking place. Wasn't in the mood to walk all the way over, as it's probably a good twenty minute walk from here, not to mention that it's cold and drunken students are prowling all over the place right now.

Anyway, it was a GREAT view and there were plenty of fireworks all around. There were actually a lot of new sorts that I've never seen before in other firework displays -- one exploded kind of like a cone-shaped flower, another would initially explode as a faint sparkle of gold before there was a bunch of simultaneous small explosions, another was normal except for a bright red heart-shaped ring the middle, another exploded as layers of rings in a sphere shape, another would be a small explosion and then the red sparks would STAY IN FORMATION relative to each other as they fell (it was kind of creepy, actually), and there's another one I barely remember now, but the only descriptor that comes to mind right now is 'fireflies'. Yeah, that doesn't really help.

Anyway, I should go and do my midterm readings for CLST 330 (Classical Greek Culture and Society) and PSYC 342 (Psychology of Social Influence) now. Gah, stupid midterms. Why am I so lazy this year? Especially after I actually had a work ethic over at the Castle and stayed on top of my readings (oh gasp!).


The Department of Classics here at Queen's is hosting a visiting speaker (Dr. Ingrid Holmberg from UVic) who'll be doing a talk (poster here) titled 'Troy the Film, Homer's Iliad and Empire'. Anyone who knows my major interests in classics knows that I MUST GO TO THIS SPECIAL LECTURE.

Unfortunately, it's this Wednesday at 11:00AM -- which used to be free, but I now have thesis lab hours during that time D: And the chances of making up that last hour somewhere else are unlikely because someone has to be there running participants at that time, and it's all scheduled out.

NOOOOO. (But I'll still try and ask.)

A spiffing Friday morning indeed!

Well, my Friday's been excellent so far -- I actually got enough sleep and woke up at a decent enough time that I was early for my PSYC 342 (Psychology of Social Influence) class at 10:00AM. Instead of having a lecture throughout the entire one and a half hours, we spent about forty-five minutes (after discussing the upcoming midterm) watching a very old black and white video on the Milgram experiment, mostly watching recordings of the original participants actually taking part in it. Some disturbing stuff, but overall, it was really interesting to watch. Wish the sound had been comprehensible though. And definitely LOLs throughout when participants would just light up a cigarette while sitting in the room and talking to the experimenter.

After that, we got out about half an hour early, and I JUST remembered that there was a Hurt Penguins sale at the Campus Bookstore (ie. lots of books for only $3 each) yesterday, so I went over there to check it out. And yep, you know it's Homecoming Weekend when there are loads of engineers in their GPA (Golden Party Armour) leather jackets boozing it up outside (the bookstore is located underneath Clark Hall Pub, the one run by the Engineering Society). I ended up getting FOUR books this time -- Penguin's 'Dictionary of Psychology', Tom Holland's 'Persian Fire' (we're finally getting into the Persians in CLST 101, by the way), Catullus' 'Poems', and Roger Knight's 'The Pursuit of Victory: The Life and Achievement of Horatio Nelson'. So yep, all three MAJOR areas of interest covered there! I was also tempted to get a new copy of John Wyndham's 'The Chrysalids', but decided against it for now. But hey, since it's only $3, I may just go back and get it anyway.

This afternoon, I've got another Faculty Board meeting, plus I should, er, actually pick up the documents for my student loan like I was supposed to about a month ago. Whoops.

Completely out of the loop.

Okay, silly fandom thing -- I have been COMPLETELY out-of-the-loop with 'Class of the Titans' right now, owing to a lack of television access and the fact that I'm so behind with academics and extracurricular stuff at school already that I can't afford to keep up with things like news-blogging right now, but could someone (if you're not too busy, obviously) fill me in on what the hell is going on with Season Two now? I know there was the episode with the Graeae, and that's all I know so far :(

And, er, I obviously don't want to depend on the TV.com forum for episode recaps -- reading most of the stuff there makes my head hurt.


'Class of the Titans' Season Two preview?

Did anyone manage to catch the 'Class of the Titans' Season Two preview yesterday on Teletoon? Not only have I been really out of the loop with fandom things lately because of my spring and summer, but I got the date mixed-up and thought it was going to be shown today. All I know about it so far is that the channel apparently showed the entirety of the 'Graes Anatomy' episode. Hopefully, someone at my house back in Toronto taped it like with the other episodes, but I doubt it (though I suppose since it was a full episode and not something extremely exclusive, I can just wait for the season to premiere).


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